Auto Crane:
First in the Field and Still Leading The Service Crane Category.

It was 1958. A simple electric crane invention, mounted in the trunk of a car, solved a major back-breaking problem -- hoisting heavy drill bits for service at oil well sites.

From our invention of that first mobile field service crane, an entirely new industry and a new company were born.

Auto Crane never stopped leading the way with original thinking: our string of innovation firsts in the mobile service crane industry still pushes service cranes forward. Today's Auto Crane service cranes, or service hoists, are designed to work smarter, safer, more reliably and more efficiently than ever.


The safest service crane in the industry: the patented NexStar™ crane management system

NexStar is another Auto Crane industry first, and one that puts total control for precision, productivity and safety in load handling right at your fingertips. Integrating advanced electronics and an exclusive new hydraulic system design, the NexStar system delivers:

  • Fully independent proportional control of all functions
  • 100% power/hydraulic flow to each function -- adding functions won't slow down operation because the NexStar system manages multiple hydraulic feeds to various crane functions
  • Precision crane control with master power/speed selectivity -- 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% -- with total proportional control at every setting
  • NexStar technology monitors truck/crane status and guards against unlevel and unsafe load conditions
  • LCD displays more information and diagnostics than competitive offerings in clear English -- no codes, no guesswork

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A crane body built to work and last like no other: the patented Titan® crane bodies

Made to withstand the most brutal and demanding off-road operations, Titan bodies feature firsts and exclusives that keep them on the job and working longer to earn their keep.

Patented one-piece 10 ga side-packs

Made of heavy gauge galvanneal steel, the Titan one-piece side-pack design not only eliminates welds prone to cracking and rusting, it also enhances overall integrity, stability and body life.

Rounded door corners, coated internal hinges

Titan galvanneal side-pack doors were the first to employ rounded corners, to more evenly distribute load stresses and maximize body life. Our coated stainless steel internal hinges inhibit corrosion.

Integrated crane box

Original thinking about how a work body supports a crane drove Auto Crane to engineer an integrated crane box as part of the Titan service crane body. Inside the crane box is an internal steel support structure that allows the Titan body to distribute more of the crane and load weight to the outriggers. This maximizes the life of the work body and the crane, while minimizing stress on the chassis.

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Auto Crane Innovation Firsts
1958 Auto Crane invents the first mobile field service crane to help service technicians safely lift drill bits in the oil fields, and an industry was born.
1960s Field-proven by Hughes Tools and becoming a staple of the oil production industry, Auto Crane introduces a full line of back-saving mobile service cranes to further the concept and economic values of safe, on-site service of heavy equipment.
1970s Auto Crane introduces the first electric cable crane with unprecedented lifting capacities to hoist bigger and heavier equipment.
1983 Auto Crane introduces the first electric over hydraulic service crane increasing productivity with fully hydraulic boom extensions and power rotation.
1985 Auto Crane introduces their first service body exclusively designed for telescoping service cranes.
1988 Auto Crane introduces the first hydraulic service crane (5005H) giving operators virtually an unlimited number of lifts in a day's work.
2003 Auto Crane Introduces and patents the Titan® crane body, the industry's first service crane truck body specifically designed to effectively disperse the weight and torsion stresses of hoisting heavy loads.
2010 Auto Crane introduces the "Safest Crane in the Industry" -- the patented NexStar™ crane management system for its hydraulic crane line, putting enhanced safety and unprecedented load handling control in the operator's hands.
2012 Continuing a commitment to safety-first design, Auto Crane launches the EH with NexStar™ control line, introducing the safest and best performing electric over hydraulic cranes in the industry.
2013 Auto Crane releases the next generation of its patented Titan body, enhancing performance, agility and safety while reducing weight for additional payload.