NexStar III – Warranty Process


Auto Crane is making available refurbished remotes and receivers for warranty replacements.


Refurbished remotes may have scratches and dings on the case. The mini joysticks are the updated version with the 8x stronger gimbal (note the wider bezel around the boot). Additionally, the remote is still covered by the remainder of the original 2-year crane warranty or by 1-year replacement part warranty.

A typical remote condition is shown in the photo below.


Refurbished remotes may be used by Auto Crane to satisfy the “replacement or repair” under the original 2-year limited warranty for service cranes.

Refurbished remotes which are purchased as a replacement part outside of the service crane warranty are covered by the same 1-year replacement parts warranty as new parts.

Authorized warranty repair process for a NexStar 3 remote (PN 366823964) or receiver (PN 366823963) is as follows:


Remotes must be replaced using a refurbished part (PN 366823969) if available. A refurbished unit will be returned to the Dealer in lieu of a part credit under warranty if the Dealer uses a new part.
Remotes with trigger handle failures must be repaired using a new handle assembly (PN 366823967). This part is field replaceable. See the attached bulletin below for more information.

  • The trigger function can be easily checked in the field by placing the unit in self-diagnostic mode. Contact Tech Support for assistance if needed.
  • If a remote is replaced when the trigger handle is defective, a refurbished remote will be returned to the Dealer in lieu of a part credit under warranty.


Receivers must be replaced using a refurbished part (PN 366823968) if available. A refurbished unit will be returned to the Dealer in lieu of a part credit under warranty if the Dealer uses a new part.

Part Returns

Part returns are required for all warranty claims. Warranty claims are not processed until the defective part has been received by Auto Crane.

No Charge Replacements

We are still willing to support Dealers with no charge part requests in order to assist them in servicing their customers. For NexStar III Transmitters and Transceivers only, there is a slight change to the current process (change noted in red text below):

  • If a no charge part is needed, e-mail the Auto Crane Warranty Request form to and indicate the failed PN (366823963 or 366823964) along with the ship-to address.
  • Include a PO number on the warranty request form if the defective part is not returned. A warranty debit will be issued after 30 days against the PO to cover the cost of the missing part.
  • The end customer is responsible for return freight of the defective part to the Dealer or to Auto Crane.
  • A refurbished part will be shipped no charge, via next day air freight, to the address requested.
  • If the defective part is later returned, the debit will be reversed with an offsetting warranty credit will be issued within 3 days.

Purchased Replacements

Dealers who desire to purchase the refurbished PNs for stock should do so by contacting our Customer Service team.

For questions or concerns please contact our Customer Service group at 800.777.2760 or 918.438.2760.

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