NexStar Remote Trigger Repair

NexStar III remotes manufactured prior to April 2016 have the potential issue where the trigger magnet separates from the plastic trigger. Remotes with RA number less than 125237 may experience this issue. Crane operation will not be possible when the magnet detaches from the trigger.

The magnet-to-plastic trigger adhesion quality was improved as part of the corrective action on remotes with 678366-48257-TX1 or RA 125237 or greater.

The remote trigger operation can be verified by turning the remote on and allowing the remote to boot-up, then hold the power switch to the Link position while momentarily pressing the horn button and a diagnostic screen appears. The trigger signal ranges from 0-100% and varies while actuating the trigger position.

Remotes which experience this failure can be repaired by replacing the handle (P/N 366823967).

The handle is replaced by removing the cross-head screw shown below then carefully sliding the handle up from the upper remote housing and then unplugging the connector. Reverse these steps to install the new handle.

For questions or concerns please contact our customer service group at 800.777.2760 or 918.438.2760.

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