4004 Single Line Load Chart (Re-Rate to 2,000 lb Crane)

Auto Crane has made available a single line load chart for the 4004EH and EHC-4 model cranes based on customer requests for operators who are trained to only use the crane in the single line configuration (maximum load of 1,600 pounds). This allows 4,000 lb cranes in effect to be re-rated to less than 2,000 lbs to meet the new OSHA crane operator certification rule for construction. Further information on the OSHA operator training requirement can be found here.

  • P/N 404181025 – 4004EH Re-Rate Kit (16′ and 20′ booms)
  • P/N 404181020 – EHC-4 Re-Rate Kit (16′ and 20′ booms)

The re-rate kit can be ordered using P/N 320988015 which contains three decals along with a supplemental page for the manual. Please contact our customer service group at 800.777.2760 or 918.438.2760 for more information.

Last Update: January 23, 2019  

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