EHC-6 Crane

Auto Crane has updated the EHC-6 crane (formerly 6006EH) to the “open pedestal” design which is lighter weight while maintaining all of the strength. The side boom stiffeners and the base of the pedestal are the main differences in design which are depicted below.

Additionally, NexStar III is also available as a control option. The hoist remains 24V electric due to the high cost of a hydraulic hoist and power unit.

The part numbers have changed because the cranes look different (form) even though the fit and function remain unchanged.


Model Part Number                          Description
EHC-6 366600002 Hard-wired pendant, continuous rotation
EHC-6 366780002 Hard-wired pendant, 370° rotation
EHC-6 366600003 Omnex wireless remote, continuous rotation
EHC-6 366790001 Omnex wireless remote, 370° rotation
EHC-6 366800000 NexStar III wireless remote, 370° rotation

Limited quantities of the former 6006EH cranes are still available for purchase on a first come first served basis. The Omnex control system has a planned phase-out now that NexStar III is available.

Please contact our customer service group at 800.777.2760 or 918.438.2760 for more information.

“Closed Pedestal” (former design)

“Open Pedestal” (new design)

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