NexStar – Next Gen Released

Auto Crane is pleased to offer an updated NexStar 4 crane control system that will be available starting in February 2021. The phase-out of the NexStar 3 cranes will occur shortly after the launch. Existing NexStar 1, 2 and 3 cranes will continue to be supported with parts and service for the more than 10 years of systems in the field.

Details on the improvements can be found at NexStar Next Gen and Crane Updates pages. Note that the tether cable and docking station are now included with the crane. The Remote Reminder Chime Kit (PN 366823460) is sold separately.

A list of key part numbers and accessories is attached below.

For questions or concerns please contact our customer service group at 800.777.2760 or 918.438.2760.

Note: the HC-14 has been up-rated to 85,000 ft-lb with the new system.

PN (NexStar 3)PN (NexStar 4)Description
320991003320992002EHC-3.2, PR, NEXSTAR
320991001320992001EHC-3.2, PRX, NEXSTAR
320991005320992003EHC-3.2, PRFX, NEXSTAR
404241001404242003EHC-4, 16 FT, NEXSTAR
404241005404243003EHC-4, 20 FT, NEXSTAR
360645007360646003EHC-5, NEXSTAR
361106521361106530HC-5, NEXSTAR
366800000366664003EHC-6, NEXSTAR
492000003492000010HC-6, NEXSTAR
477000002477000008HC-7, NEXSTAR
477000006477000003HC-7X, NEXSTAR
479000001479000012HC-8, NEXSTAR
479000003479000011HC-8X, NEXSTAR
4809890064809890088406H, NEXSTAR
491000002491000005HC-9, NEXSTAR
460179001460179005HC-10, NEXSTAR
475000003475000012HC-12S, NEXSTAR
475000004475000014HC-12, NEXSTAR
470103001470103006HC-14, NEXSTAR



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