NexStar Upgraded Filtration

NexStar cranes have be upgraded from a 20 micron to 5 micron high pressure filter to meet the requirements for proportional hydraulic controls. The result of the change is a taller filter and housing. The change occurred in December 2018.

It is possible to upgrade the original 20 micron filter to the 5 micron filter by replacing the bowl. The HC-10/12s also requires a different valve mounting bracket (P/N 460178218).

Relevant Part Numbers

  • 366823910 – 20 micron filter (short)
  • 366823917 – 5 micron filter (tall)
  • 366823909 – Bowl, short (for use with 20 micron filter)
  • 366823916 – Bowl, long (for use with 5 micron filter)
  • 460178218 – Bracket, valve mounting HC-10/12s

Dealers should replace the high pressure filter annually during the crane certification to keep the truck hydraulic system running reliably. Filtered hydraulic oil is required to insure your customers experience reliable operation in the field. See the Hydraulic Systems post on what oil is required.

Last Update: January 1, 2018  

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