Titan Body Improvements

Auto Crane has made improvements to further strengthen the Titan bodies in the boom support area, sidepack transitions, and the sidepack front area.

Boom Support Area

Order boom support reinforcement kit (PN 715068066) when making a field repair to strengthen the top area of a sidepack in and around the boom rest.

This kit contains a large square plate with tapped holes and instructions to retrofit the boom support mounting plate. Cut-off the smaller rectangular boom support mounting plate and weld the larger square plate along with the bottom of the drip rail and repaint/bedline the area. Coordinate with the Auto Crane warranty team on what is a reasonable amount of labor to make this upgrade.

Titan bodies come factory fitted with an alternative upgrade which is 2x stronger than the large plate design and lighter. The structure is welded to the inside of the compartment (shown below):

These kit PNs can alternately be used for upgrading a body during a repair:

  • 715068044, Boom Support Reinforcement Titan 38 84CA (reference instructions using 715068048)
  • 715068015, Boom Support Reinforcement Titan 38-60 84CA (reference instructions using 715068049)
  • 715068043, Boom Support Reinforcement Titan 50-60 84CA (reference instructions using 715068047)
  • 715068042, Boom Support Reinforcement Titan 50-85 120CA (reference instructions using 715068046)

These drawings and documents are attached below.

Sidepack Transition

Bodies cracks which radiate from the corner of the raised compartment on the front face require a larger T-shaped doubler for the respective sidepack. The former doubler is shown in light red with the new doubler outlined in yellow which thickens the metal around the entire perimeter of the corner.


These photos show how the doubler fits into the front oxy-acet compartment and adjoining mid-compartment.

Available PNs are:

  • 715068020, Sidepack Transition Doubler Left
  • 715068021, Sidepack Transition Doubler Right

Sidepack Front

Gussets were added to the front of the sidepacks and the top of the bulkhead on raised compartments as shown below.

Available PNs for the gussets are:

Titan 38-85 (all recessed bulkhead bodies, except propane bodies and welder saddles)

  • (2) 715068053, Sidepack-Body Gusset
  • Add respective left and right bulkhead gussets below

Titan 38-85 (propane and welder saddles)

  • (1) 715068053, Sidepack-Body Gusset
  • (1 or 2) 715068054, Sidepack-Body Gusset, Lowered Front (welder deck)

Titan 50-85 14′ (58″ tall sidepacks)

  • (1) 715068050, Bulkhead Gusset, 58″ Tall Left Side
  • (1) 715068051, Bulkhead Gusset, 58″ Tall Right Side

Titan 50-60 11′ (52″ tall sidepacks)

  • 715068055, Bulkhead Gusset, 52″ Tall Left Side
  • 715068056, Bulkhead Gusset, 52″ Tall Right Side

Titan 38 (1 left and 1 right gusset for the respective body type)

  • 715068052, Bulkhead Gusset, 70″ Tall Right Side
  • 715068057, Bulkhead Gusset, Titan 38 Tall Left Side
  • 715068058, Bulkhead Gusset, Titan 38 Tall Right Side
  • 715068059, Bulkhead Gusset, Titan 38 Standard Left-Right Side
  • 715068061, Bulkhead Gusset, Titan 38 52″ Tall Left Side
  • 715068065, Bulkhead Gusset, Titan 38 52″ Tall Right Side

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